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Home Delivery & Pick up Service

  • Do I have to be at home to accept the delivery of my order?
    Not to worry, our couriers will drop the product off at your front door and you’ll be notified when it’s been delivered. You also have the ability to track your order by GPS once it leaves our warehouse. ***If you need to reschedule delivery, please email 24 hours before your delivery date.***
  • I live in an apartment or gated townhouse complex, what are my delivery options?
    We deliver to all types of homes. We communicate with you directly by text. If you have concierge service in your building and want the delivery assistant to leave the order there, we need written approval in the delivery notes of your order to do so.
  • How does the 2 hour pick up windows work?
    When will my order be ready? Your order will be available for you to pick up anytime during the 2-hour order window. Your order will be ready for pick up at the start time of the 2-hour window.
  • What if I can’t pick up my order on time?
    If you find yourself unable to pick up your order within the timeslot chosen, please to re-schedule your pickup time.
  • I have had an issue with my delivery. How do I get this resolved?
    Our goal is to ensure that your delivery is on time and the service is professional. We stand behind our commitment. We are happy to help resolve your issue. Please contact us on our website, Contact – UR Fundraising within 24 hours of your delivery.
  • I am concerned about the safety of delivery.
    We give you the option of picking your delivery day and 3 hour time window so that you can be home to receive the delivery or at least be on your way home. Our delivery couriers will contact you prior to their arrival, so you will know when to expect them. You can also track your delivery in real-time with our GPS tracking service.
  • Can I schedule my delivery to an address different than my billing address?
    Absolutely, as long as the delivery address is within our delivery area. Just fill out the shipping on the checkout page where you want your delivery shipped.


UR Fundraising makes no warranties, whatsoever, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, as to the products sold, the online shopping services, deliveries, or otherwise.  UR Fundraising is not liable for you for any interception of online communications, software or hardware problems (including, without limitation, viruses, loss of data, or compatibility conflicts), unauthorized use of your credit or debit card, or other consequence beyond our reasonable control.  UR Fundraising corporation, with your consent, will be required to assess a delivery fee, as per our amendment, with regards to minimum order requirements.  These delivery fees can be waived as per our amendment. 

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